Why adopt an NHS or nursing home careworker 

Please adopt one or more of our hard working nursing/ mediacl staff, cleaners and nursing home care workers.  Yes its a little tongue-in-cheek but the sentiment is simple, support and reward those people who work tirelessly, work very long hours and risking their own health and even their lives to help us.  Most medical staff have little choice but to work the long hours they are given and they do not earn anywhere near the same amount as the doctors, by registering with BoxAid you can support one or maybe more care workers by directly paying for their weekly shopping.  

BoxAid takes NO money, no percentage, we take nothing from te money you give 'direct' to the NHS worker or care worker (unlike most other charities, for 'Admin' purposes?).  We support the adoption website  by advertising and sponsorship so please look at our sponsors sites and make purchases from them so we can continue to run and develop this project.